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Who are the Polymer Ambassadors?


Email Address
Work Phone
California Cora Salumbides Cora_salumbides@yahoo.com
Jeff Feidler

Joyce Brumberger

Gina Watkiss

Illinois Sherri Rukes     Chair Sherri.Rukes@d128.org


Becky Knipp jbeek@fuse.net


Iowa Barbara Walker Rbjwalk@netins.net
Wayne Goates

Missouri Debbie Goodwin nywin@hotmail.com


Missouri Lynn Higgins lynhiggins@sbcglobal.net 708-829-0204
Mary Harris

Gordon Hahn

Ron Case

Ohio Ed Escudero escudero_e@summitcds.org 513-871-4700
Sandy Van Natta


DeAnn Campbell


William Bleam Jr.

Texas Jon Valasek valasekj@smtexas.org 214-346-8147
Vaughn Williams

Washington Andrew Nydam andrewnydam@hotmail.com 360-596-7225 (no good after June 30, 2012)
Wisconsin Sue Hall kentsue@charter.net 715-344-8081
Jaime Malwitz




Teaching Level and Polymer Expertise

California Cora Salumbides High School

Fundamentals; Art in Chemistry

Delaware Jeff Feidler Grades 5-6

Children's Literature and Polymers; Shrinkable Plastics; Fundamentals

Florida Joyce Brumberger, Grades 5-6 and high school; U of Akron

Fundamentals; Designer Sneakers; Packaging

Georgia Gina Watkiss High School

Fundamentals; Children's Literature and Polymers; Mind Over Matter

Illinois Sherri Rukes High School


Indiana Becky Knipp Grade 6 and at U of Akron

Fundamentals; Hands On Plastics; Polymers and Children's Literature; Food Packaging; Toys; Art in Chemistry

Iowa Barbara Walker High School and College

Science is Fun; Art in Chemistry; Service Learning; Polymer Science; Corn Plastics

Kansas Wayne Goates Middle Level

Shrinkable Plastics; Fundamentals; How are Toys Made?; Food Packaging; Elastomers; Hands-On Plastics

Missouri Debbie Goodwin High School

Material Sciences, Polymer Science

Missouri Lynn Higgins High School

Plastics in the Environment; Polymer Science; Glue-goo; Hands-On Plastics; Food Packaging; Density Tubes; Polymers Are Everywhere

Missouri Marie Sherman Marie was one of the first Polymer Ambassadors. She died in March, 2011. We will miss her.

Polymer Science; Programs for Elementary/Middle Level Students and Teachers

Missouri Mary Harris Middle Level and High School

How Toys are Made; Food Packaging; Designer Sneakers; Elastomers; Hands-On Plastics; Slurper Balls; Polymers in Athletic Fields and Track; Bonding Makes a Difference; Recycling; Car Dent

Montana Gordon Hahn High School

Thermoset Polymers; Automotive Paints and Coatings; Polymers for Physics

Nevada Ron Case High School


Ohio Ed Escudero High School


Ohio Sandy Van Natta


Retired from Middle Level; Teaching College Level; U of Akron

Designer Sneakers; How Toys are Made; Food Packaging; Fundamentals; Hands-On Plastics; Body Armor

Oklahoma DeAnn Campbell Elementary and Middle School


Pennsylvania William Bleam Jr. High School

Polymer Science; Hands-On Plastics

Texas Jon Valasek High School

Polymer Science; Integrating Polymers into a Course

Texas Vaughn Williams Elementary and Middle School


Washington Andrew Nydam High School

Material Sciences; Forensics; Polymer Science

Wisconsin Sue Hall Retired from elementary but still very active!

Designer Sneakers; Food Packaging; Plastics Do Differ; How Toys are Made; Wiggly Wonders

Wisconsin Jaime Malwitz Elementary

Density Tubes; Shrinking Plastics; Kaleidoscopes, T.O.Y.S.; Art with Polymers


(There are five others who are not listed.)


What are some activities Polymer Ambassadors do to promote polymer education?     We design laboratories, practice demonstrations, organize workshops, and develop written materials that will promote polymer education. We receive an annual allotment for travel expenses and materials (but not for our time) to present workshops at local, regional, state and national conventions.  We are an enthusiastic group!  We learn to work as a team with others who are chosen to be Ambassadors. Remember, we are all classroom teachers!  Meeting new people, traveling to interesting places, learning about polymers from industrial engineers and chemists, working cooperatively, and having a good time are all experiences of a Polymer Ambassador.  A "Polymer Ambassador in Training" is a one year term as he/she becomes acquainted with the program.  A Polymer Ambassador has a three-year term.  An Emeritus Polymer Ambassador is supported at a reduced level for two years.

What are some expectations of a Polymer Ambassador? 

Recognition and Awards of the Polymer Ambassadors:


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